Who We Are?

We are an organization who wants to create a difference. Young generation is flooded with many career options available nowadays and as it is often said that choices lead to confusions. We at Career Dose put all our efforts to nurture young minds with positivity. We help in all-around development of these brilliant minds before they hit the job battlefield

Top-Notch Guidance

Career Dose focuses to inspire young minds by guiding them about various career prospects. We are agile and fast-growing organization aimed to guide the future fuel of this country. Our experts help little Einstein’s with time table creation as well as in-depth analysis. We provide Improvement strategies for a balanced study and tailor made study material for each student.

Interactive and Balanced Learning

At Career Dose, we provide efficiently designed tutorials cum courses which are aimed specifically at conceptual learning which develops critical thinking among students. We offer interactive, balanced and extremely responsive content to cater the needs of each child. Our specialty is Animated recorded classes which allow students to repeat the structured topics unlimited times for in-depth understanding.

Convenient and Safe

Our teachers at Career Dose bring up innovative ideas so that students feel more connected and involved. We solely believe that every little concept should be taught to children in a creative way so that they feel involved. It helps them achieving all-around development of the brain.

Report and Analytics

We provide systematic and periodic reports to the parents so that they remain aware of their child’s performance. Career Dose offers complete transparency on what material is given to students for learning. We provide special sessions to students so they can analyze his/her standing across different schools and cities.

Free Live Classes

We know your time is priceless, and if anyone is investing time in us, we totally value its importance. At Career Dose, our teachers are passionate about what they do. Our live classes are fun, interactive, knowledge based, and best-in-category.

Face to Face Sessions

Career Dose face to face sessions help the students in realizing their highest potentials, their weaknesses, their latent talents. With precise advice of our experts, your child will remove the blocks to academic success and also for future career benefits.

How Are We Unique

Know Your Career Options

Your Stream Science 

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I prefer mechanical and manual tasks such as repairing, assembling or working with machines and equipments. I am curious about how things operate. Cleanliness, orderliness, sedentary tasks or administrative work do not interest me as much.


I prefer activities which are business related such as buying and selling, finance, administration, commercial transactions or communication. I have interest in working in a commercial environment.


I prefer activities involving scientific investigation, logical understanding, thinking, working with scientific and mathematical concepts, details and precision.


I prefer activities which are aesthetic or creative in nature and involve self-expression or artistic appreciation.I have interest in visual,literary,musical or dramatic forms of art.


I prefer activities which concern people. I have interest in recognizing the needs of mankind and contributing to their welfare. I like solving real problems, taking on responsibility, interacting with people, verbal communication, persuasion and control.


I prefer activities which require working in an office. I have interest in desk jobs such as number manipulation, computing, working with details and accuracy and on precision tasks.


I prefer all kinds of active outdoor work. I may enjoy any of these:- farming, forestry, sports, construction, travelling, transportation, and services which require me to spend significant time outdoors. I get satisfaction from being outdoors.

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